Bartender Course

“Training to be a bartender is like embarking on a journey of flavors, techniques, and hospitality, where every drink tells a story.”

bar tender pours cocktail from cocktail shaker into martini glass

Mixology Techniques

Training in drink mixing, including spirits, mixers, and garnishes.

Customer Service Skills

Focus on friendly, accurate service and conflict resolution.

Bar Setup and Maintenance

Learn to organize, clean, and stock the bar efficiently.

Butler Course

“Training to be a butler is mastering the art of service, where meticulous attention to detail and impeccable hospitality are paramount.”

Household Management

Learn to oversee staff and household organization.

Etiquette and Protocol

Master formal dining and guest interactions.

Personal Service Skills

Develop grooming and attentive service abilities.

Chauffeurs Course

“Chauffeur training is the road to professionalism, where safety, service, and sophistication converge behind the wheel.”


Driving Skills

Master safe, efficient driving techniques for various vehicles.

Customer Service

Learn to provide professional, courteous service to clients.

Safety and Security

Ensure passenger safety and handle emergencies confidently.

Estate Managers Course

“Estate manager training cultivates leaders of luxury living, blending impeccable service with strategic household management.”

Household Management

Learn to oversee staff, schedules, and property maintenance.

Event Planning

Develop skills to organize and manage events and special occasions.

Financial Management

Gain expertise in budgeting, accounting, and expense tracking for estates.

House Manager Course

“House manager training is the cornerstone of seamless household operations, where organization, efficiency, and hospitality harmoniously converge.”


Household Organization

Learn to manage staff, schedules, and tasks efficiently.

Event Coordination

Develop skills to plan and execute events, from small gatherings to large parties.

Property Maintenance

Gain knowledge in overseeing repairs, renovations, and landscaping for the estate.

Housekeeper Course

“Housekeeper training polishes the art of cleanliness and organization, ensuring homes gleam with perfection and warmth.”

Cleaning Techniques

Master effective methods for cleaning various surfaces and materials.

Organization Skills

Learn to organize tasks and manage time efficiently.

Safety and Sanitation

Understand safety guidelines and proper use of cleaning chemicals.

Housemen/Housewomen Course

“Housemen and housewomen training hones the skills of household support, where attention to detail and impeccable service reign supreme.”


Property Maintenance

Learn basic maintenance tasks for a well-kept estate.

Household Organization

Develop skills to keep living spaces tidy and efficient.

Guest Services

Provide excellent service to residents and visitors alike.

Nannie Course

“Nanny training nurtures the art of childcare, where patience, creativity, and safety form the foundation of exceptional caregiving.”

Child Development

Understand the stages of child development and age-appropriate activities.

Safety and First Aid

Learn basic first aid and safety practices for children.

Meal Preparation

Prepare healthy and balanced meals for children.

Personal Assistant Course

“Personal assistant training is the gateway to seamless support, where organization, discretion, and efficiency meet to exceed expectations.”


Administrative Skills

Develop proficiency in office management, scheduling, and communication.

Time Management

Learn to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively.

Problem Solving

Develop skills to identify issues and implement solutions efficiently.

Private Chef Course

“Private chef training is the gateway to culinary mastery, where creativity, precision, and artistry combine to delight the senses.”

Culinary Techniques

Master cooking methods, flavor combinations, and presentation.

Menu Planning

Develop menus that cater to clients' preferences and dietary needs.

Ingredient Selection

Learn to choose and source high-quality, seasonal ingredients.